Buttons on a kitty's face are not a new trend or even decoration. Instead of a "beauty" function, they do something more meaningful. Buttons helped the cat keep his muzzle intact.

Fluffy was very badly injured by the paws and teeth of his owners' dog and was taken to a veterinary clinic in Boston, USA. He had a head injury, multiple fractures of the jaw and lacerations around his nose and upper palate. So Juicebox had to undergo two plastic surgeries at once.

Successful recovery. Source: petpop.com

The cat's face was literally put together piece by piece. He had four stitches, which animals take very painfully. They are constantly trying to tear them with their paws, which often leads to repeated operations.

To protect the cat, he was sewn, literally, on his face four buttons: two on top and two under the chin. Such a solution was invented by veterinarians. According to them, the buttons will hold the seams in place and prevent the cat from accidentally ripping them. Moreover, the buttons fix the jaw in place, which was also badly damaged.

Under the close supervision of veterinarians. Source: petpop.com

Doctors say Juicebox will wear the "device" for another three months, after which the buttons will be completely removed.

"He suffered a very serious injury, but quickly adapted to the stitches that stiffen his jaw. Despite all the difficulties, the cat remains sociable, friendly and playful", - say veterinarians.

The cat's owners made a difficult decision for them. They gave the cat to a Boston shelter so he could find a new family without dogs.

Now Juicebox is temporarily living with a family of veterinarians who are taking care of him and helping him recover. But then he will have to find a new home again.

Source: petpop.com

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