A couple from Columbia, South Carolina, found antique coins in their attic. As it turned out later, that was a very valuable find. Experts estimated the treasure at $25,000.

Source: SWNS

James Mumford, 46, and his wife Clarissa, stumbled upon two boxes, in which they found 46 gold $5 liberty coins, minted between 1849 and 1907, and 18 Morgan silver dollars, coined between 1879 and 1904.

If they had sold these coins, the couple could have lived a comfortable life for some time. However, the spouses thought they would be much richer if they gave the treasure to the previous owner of the house. James and Clarissa purchased the property from an elderly man who had probably forgotten about his hidden treasure.

Source: SWNS

"We had no idea the coins would be worth that much, but regardless we knew who the previous owner was so, of course, we immediately gave them back," Clarissa explained. "I keep joking with my husband that karma has to be on our side now."

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