No one is surprised when animals from different species become friends. For example, such buddies as cats and dogs, elephants and dogs, giraffes and ostriches, kittens and foxes can be  spotted.

But this friendship is something unusual. These animals are a unique trio. Baloo is a black bear from America, Leo is a lion from Africa and Sherhan is a Bengal tiger.

Source: Noah's Ark

They have lived peacefully together for 15 years. The wild animals were found by the police in the basement of an Atlanta house. All three wild animals were taken to Noah's Ark shelter in Georgia. There the unusual trio lives up to this day.

Before they were found by the police, the animals had been going through hard times. They were kept in terrible conditions. Bal, for example, was subsequently operated on to remove a harness that had grown into his body. It was causing the bear unbearable pain.

Source: Noah's Ark

By the way, that was the one and only day when the buddies were separated. After that they continued living a quiet and satisfied life in the shelter. Unfortunately, the trio can't be released into the wild because they were so traumatized that they can no longer adapt to life in the wild.

In their own habitat, their paths would never cross. And now they are not separated even for a minute.

Source: lemurov

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