A team of researchers was exploring the ocean near New Zealand when Antarctic scientist Dr Regina Eisert spotted a large, dark silhouette in the sea depths. In just a minute, a 17-foot killer whale swam up to the woman and shared its food, believing that in this way it will help the weak human survive in cold water.

Dr Regina Eisert, who specializes in ocean species, purposely chose the place where orcas were often seen. But the mammals, that also noticed humans, seemed to think that the latter were very poor eaters, since they moved so slowly in water.

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The killer whale rose from the depths and poked at the camera as if to check if everything was alright with Eisert. Then it opened its mouth and extracted a piece of fish from its throat as if offering it to the woman.

At first Regina did not get what the orca wanted to tell her; the scientist was just watching the 17-foot creature.

The killer whale stayed near the woman for some time. Having made sure that the woman was OK, it started to dive in the sea depths.

Meanwhile, the divers continued capturing the amazing footage:

First, scientists were in the dark about the unusual orca's behavior. Only on shore people could figure out what the piece of fish that Regina had received meant. According to the scientists, it was the first and last time they saw such an offer of help from these mammals.

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