Having noticed an old jet engine turbine at an airplane boneyard Stephen Jones decided to take it home. When the man brought it to his yard, none of the neighbors understood what Stephen needed the scrap metal for. Soon he transported it to his garage workshop, and 3 months later he drove the unique motor caravan out of the gate.

Planes are Steve's vocation and passion. He's an aircraft engineer and he's obsessed with everything related to airplanes. And when Steve came up with the idea to buy a caravan, he decided to make it by himself. That is when he spotted the turbine of the Vickers VC10 long-range airliner lying in the scrap heap.

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The '70s plane had been flying for a long time, so the turbine was not in the best condition. First of all, the man removed the old plating of thin, decayed aluminum and replaced it with a more reliable material.

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Most importantly, the supporting frame of the hull was strong and allowed to continue working on the home. Stephen was so enthusiastic that he even took a leave from work.

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"I did the math later; I worked 10,000 hours on the turbine. I don't regret a single minute of it," Jones told journalists.

It took Steve three months to make his dream come true. The turbine has a large panoramic window in place of the air intake; the doors are located on its sides.

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Despite the small size of the hull, the unusual home features a bed, two couches, and even a kitchenette.

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Jones admits that on showing his caravan to the public for the first time, he was immediately offered $30,000 for the old turbine. But the man has no intentions of selling it. On the contrary, he wants to go on a long trip in his new home.

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