Astronomers are almost certain that they've been lucky enough to find a planet that can be called a "second Earth". Exoplanet KOI-3010.01 is larger and heavier than our planet, but its chemical composition, the ratio of land and oceans is almost similar. Scientists argue that its temperature might be about 68 °F, making the planet a very comfortable place to live in.

The average distance of KOI-3010.01 from the Solar System is about 1,213.4 light-years.

The planet is 1.78 times larger than Earth and twice as heavy, it orbits the star with the speed of 60.87 Earth days, but it still remains in the habitable zone.

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Most importantly, it has an atmosphere. Its density and composition are similar to the Earth's. At least that is what scientists believe. 65% of KOI is covered withy the ocean. By the way, the ocean occupies 70.8% of our planet. In addition, the planet is twice as old as the Earth, which means that life could have appeared there earlier.

The probability of life is estimated at 84%.

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Watch what might Exoplanet KOI-3010.01 look like according to astronomers:

More precise information about KOI will only be available in a few years. Scientists are planning to study it more closely using a radio telescope.

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