Jess from Florida is outraged by the fact that her mother looks prettier. She shared her thoughts about it in a TikTok video.

Jess and her mother Jill. Source: TikTok

The mother of the 19-year-old tiktoker is a stunning, youthful-looking woman. She is wearing a white jumpsuit and does not look her age at all.

Mom is prettier than her daughter.

A stunning, youthful-looking mum Jill. Source: TikTok

Jess, 19, uploaded a video with her mother Jill, where they posed and smiled at the camera. Then the girl zoomed in and asked: " Why is my mum prettier than me?" She expected to be reassured of her own beauty by Internet users, but instead the girl got critical remarks such as "Genes got diluted."

Jess is not happy with her appearance. Source: TikTok

Jess added in the caption: "Jill is the ultimate milf."

The girl's mother does look great and has a good taste. The girl is proud of her mom and wants to look just as beautiful. There were also those who supported her. One person wrote that Jess is a good "investment" of her mother.


Jill is the ultimate milf #lbi milf #mom

♬ Chiquitita x Twilight - twibytez

Others simply admired the beauty of Jess's mom:

"She’s an icon."

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"OMG.... mom.. the best....."

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