If it hadn't been for a happy coincidence these sisters might have never met. 76-year-old Harriet Carter and 73-year-old Linda Hoffman almost simultaneously addressed a company that specializes in genealogical research. They took a DNA test and found each other.

After getting the results, the older sister Harriet contacted Linda via social networks. The woman said that their tests were a perfect match.

"Harriet sent me a message: 'I think we might be related.' The test results matched 100%. My parents never told anyone about it," Ms. Hoffman recalls.

As it turned out, Harriet was born when her parents were only 18 years old. They were not ready for such responsibility, so they put the girl for adoption. Three years later they welcomed Linda, whom they did not abandon.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Interestingly enough, the parents never told anyone about their secret and Harriet never knew that she was adopted. So it comes as no surprise that the women were shocked when they learned about it.

The sisters could not see each other immediately due to the lockdown, so they just talked on the phone. But in December 2021, Harriet finally flew to Linda from California to Colorado.

During their first meeting, the sisters looked at old family photos and then went to Linda's house. The ladies promised each other that they would try to communicate as often as possible. Having lived more than 70 years apart they definitely have a lot to say to each other!

Source: life.24tv

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