After learning that his beloved pet had terminal cancer, Robert Coogler decided not to despair and start grieving early. Instead, he took a trip across the country with his dog to fill the rest of his life with joy and new experiences. Together they traveled for over a year and look genuinely happy.

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A chocolate Labrador named Bella lived with her owner, Robert Coogler, in Nebraska. In 2015, she was diagnosed with cancer, and doctors said she wouldn't live longer than six months.

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"I was told the worst news imaginable: that she had osteosarcoma and it was progressing, the disease had already invaded her lungs. They suggested I either amputate her paw or put her to sleep."

Robert couldn't imagine life without his pet and agreed to an amputation. The dog had lived with him for nine years, and the guy, who had just graduated from the military academy as a marine veterinarian, decided to go on a trip with Bella.

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They first came to the Marine Corps Ball in Chicago, and then continued on to the eastern and northeastern United States. From there Robert traveled with Bella to Florida and then to Kansas City, where the man was offered a job with a local veterans organization.

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Robert believes that traveling with his dog has helped him get over the deaths of his brother, who died in Iraq, and his sister, who was killed in a car accident. The guy traveled with Bella as long as he could.

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