Felicia Davey, who is now 35, was shocked to find out that she was pregnant. Her family was so ashamed of it that they pressed her to have abortion, but the brave girl was determined to become a mother.

Now Felicia doesn't regret becoming a mother at 11.

12-year-old Felicia with her one-year-old baby. Source: The Sun

Felicia Davey became a mother twelve days before her 12th birthday. She welcomed her daughter Samantha, who is now 23 years old. When the girl became pregnant, she did not understand what happened. Her parents urged her to have an abortion, but she loved life and did not want to kill her child.

When the parents of Felicia's 14-year-old boyfriend found out that the girl was pregnant, they took their son out of school and moved away. Indeed, Felicia went through a very difficult time having to face a strong disapproval of her neighbors and strangers. Felicia lived in a small town where gossip spread very quickly.

Felicia with her daughter Samantha now. Source: The Sun

After Samantha was born, the family was regularly visited by social workers because of Felicia's age. Moreover,  her mother was on probation, as she had previously been imprisoned for drug-related issues. Soon after that Felicia's mother failed a drug test, that led to Felicia, her daughter Samantha, and Felicia's sister being taken into foster care.

12-year-old Felicia with her daughter Samanta. Source: The Sun

"When strangers saw me with Samantha, people just thought we were sisters, and to this day, when we go out in public, people say: 'You can't be mother and daughter,'" Felicia recalls.

Felicia and Samanta ended up in up living with a foster family. Source: The Sun

Having finished school, Felicia received assistance from Child Haven, a charity that encourages young people to find their place in life. Felicia worked as a cleaner and at the same time studied nursing at the University of Alabama, but never finished her studies because at the age of 20 she had her second child William, who is now 15. She had been married to his father for only 5 months, after which the marriage broke up.

Felicia and Samantha look like sisters. Source: The Sun

A long-awaited family

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The woman has a large family. Source: The Sun

Later in 2008, Felicia met her future husband, whom she met during the charity program. In 2013, the couple got married. Now Felicia and Michael are parents to Samantha, 23, William, 15, Kenlan, 13, Harley, 10, and Brantley, 5.

"My last child was the most unexpected one, but he is the most charming soul I have ever met in my life," the woman shares.

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