Brooke Barclay is a happy young mother who is expecting her second child. Now she is 21 and her partner Liam is 22 and they already have a 3-year-old son.

Brooke is tall so her baby bump is inconspicuous. Source: The Sun

When Brooke got pregnant for the second time, she realized that her belly was not getting bigger with time. The woman is 32 weeks pregnant, but the size of her baby bump is below the ordinary one. Before that the woman worked as a COVID-19 testing specialist, and when she found out that she was pregnant for the second time, she was very happy.

“We were extremely happy finding out we were pregnant again. We had been planning and trying for just a couple months. We can't wait to meet our baby boy," Brooke shared.

Source: The Sun

Brooke says that this pregnancy is going well, she is healthy as well as the baby. However, the woman has constant morning sickness, severe back pain, and heartburn.

People do not believe that the woman is pregnant. Source: The Sun

"I noticed that my belly was not growing so fast, and no one at work believed that I was pregnant," the woman said.

Brooke had a flat belly at 4 months, but she was not too concerned about it because during her first pregnancy she faced a similar situation.

Source: The Sun

"I am tall, so I have a longer torso and more space for the baby. The reason behind me having a smaller baby bump is because I have a tilted uterus. I learned about it during my last pregnancy and it does not affect the baby at all," she shares.

Brooke is 8 months pregnant. Source: The Sun

Sometimes women who have such a body structure and location of the uterus may not even be aware of pregnancy until delivery.

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Brooke's son is looking forward to his little brother. Source: The Sun

Social media users responded differently to the pregnant woman's photos. Brooke was most offended by the people who did not believe that she was pregnant and called her a liar. Some also suspected that she was starving herself and her baby didn't get the necessary nutrition.

Source: The Sun

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