Many drivers are obsessed with their cars. An elderly woman Grace Braeger is no exception. She has never parted with her '57 Chevy. Despite its age, the vintage car looks perfect as the pensioner takes good care of it.

This car is the only one Grace Braeger has ever been driving. The woman bought it in 1957, and still has not changed it. Although Braeger bought the car for $2,250, now this iconic vehicle is worth more than $60,000.

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What brand is the car

Braeger's car is a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. At the time of its release, the car was popular among drag racers, that is people racing a car over a very short distance. Now this model is extremely popular among collectors.

Although the rare '57 Chevy is a sought-after vintage model, the 90-year-old woman does not keep it for the sake of status. Braeger sincerely loves her car and is not going to change it for anything newer.

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"I've been driving the car all these years because I had no reason to give it up. I haven't had any major problems with it," Grace said.

The woman used her Chevy for long journeys several decades ago, but now she doesn't drive too far. The elderly woman's car is perfectly preserved and looks as if it had just been taken from the dealer. Grace says that she is used to take care of her things.

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"I was brought up during the Depression, and we learned to take care of things. I think that it resulted in my car being still in perfect condition," Braeger shared.

The woman has been driving her car for 65 years: 

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