William Passman, 67, had never been abroad before he was 50. But 16 years ago he started travelling around the world and inked a world map on his back to mark the counties he visited.

William Passman, a former lawyer from Baton Rouge, LA, has become a nomad with a famous tattoo on his back. At the age of 50 the man decided to change his life.

In 2006, just after his anniversary, William went on his first trip to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. "Climbing the 19,341-foot summit was definitely a challenge for me. So I booked a trip for March 2006, and my life changed completely," the former lawyer recalls.

William Passman went overseas for the first time at the age of 50. Source: Story Trender

In 2010, after his trip to Thailand, William came up with the idea to make an unusual tattoo. He was inspired by a local girl who had a similar tattoo on her back with red dots that marked the places she visited.

"I decided to develop this idea. After some research I found out that no one had ever done what I wanted to ink," the man says.

At first the man inked only the outlines of the world map. Source: Story Trender

William had to sell all his belongings to make his dream come true.

To fulfill his dream of traveling around the world, William had to quit his job as a lawyer and sell all his belongings along with his house. And the tattoo with a world map, which was inked in just 3 hours, became a new symbol of freedom for him.

Gradually more and more countries were marked on his map. Source: Story Trender

Now every time William returns to the United States, he inks a new country.

The man has a new tattoo done after each trip. Source: Story Trender

A fan of traveling on a budget

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Source: Story Trender

When traveling William always tries to save as much as possible. He often stays in hostels: "I like hostels, I love the energy of young travelers and the opportunity to share experience with them."

In each country he gets a new, incredible experience. Source: Story Trender

The man has other tattoos on his body, such as a compass with his favorite quote: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined." However, it is the famous map on his back due to which he's become famous.

Besides the map, the man has a lot of other tattoos. Source: Story Trender

Source: storytrender

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