When Nan Hauser started her career as a biologist, she told everyone she would probably die one day from a whale attack. However, years later this mammal came to the rescue when her life hung in the balance.

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Renowned marine biologist and President and Director of the Center for Cetacean Research and Conservation, Nan Hauser has devoted 28 years to studying the life of these amazing creatures. During numerous dives she repeatedly came into contact with whales and dolphins. The woman always tried to keep a safe distance and never got into dangerous situations.

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But one day during a dive near the Cook Islands in the South Pacific, something unusual happened. Hardly had Nan dived when suddenly a huge humpback whale began to approach her from the depths. Normally, these animals do not see humans as a threat and are friendly to divers. But seeing the whale's steady movement toward her, Nan was really scared. Jokes with a male of this size can have a poor outcome. If it decided to attack, the human would have almost no chance of escape.

The diver tried to act calmly and not panic, but the whale didn't stop. It swam close to Nan and started nudging her. Then the whale put her on its head, and covered her with its huge fin.

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Nan was nervous and didn't understand what the sea giant wanted from her. Her life depended on oxygen, and she was afraid to stay under water for a long time.

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These strange actions lasted only about ten minutes, and then the animal simply pushed the diver to the surface, where the team picked her up.

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Later, on watching the video footage, Nan finally understood the whale's behavior. It turned out she had been in mortal danger. At some distance from her and the whale, the woman detected two other indistinct figures. By the sharp movements of the tail and the distinct coloring the biologist identified it as the tiger shark, the most dangerous predator of the ocean. It turns out that the whale was not attacking, but protecting her just like females usually save their calves. Here is this amazing footage:

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