Daniel Dayment, 22, and his partner Mary Cullen, 23, didn't want to spend a lot of money on a dorm, so they decided to buy a van and renovate it. Daniel bought an old Citroen Relay van for $5,500 and then spent another $5,500 to turn it into the perfect motorhome.

He managed to save up from casual earnings during his studies, including freelance photography, cleaning, and working in a bike store, and used part of his student loan.

In the summer of 2021, the couple spent three months renovating the van.

Daniel with the van. Source: pressa

As Daniel says, "I've always intended to have my own home that was both simple and suitable for travelling. I was saving up money to convert the van because I didn't want to pay high rent for a dorm. It would cost me $5,500 alone to just live in a dorm for ten months. A converted van is really an investment; I'm saving money by not spending it on bills or exorbitant rent."

The van during the makeover. Source: pressa

The couple spent $5,500 to furnish the van. They added a bed, kitchen, and more.

Mary, a freelance graphic designer, notes, "I had never thought about living in an RV before I met Daniel, but it's so comfortable and we have so many adventures yet to plan."

The van has everything a couple needs to get by. Source: pressa

There is a stove for cooking, a place to store clothes, a loo, a kitchenette, and a double bed. The RV is also equipped with a solar battery that makes this home off-grid. Mary uses storage drawers as seating to make use of the space.

Now the couple is saving thousands of dollars.

Daniel and Mary live in the van. Source: pressa

Despite enjoying the simplicity of the life in a van, the couple had to make a number of compromises, but they don't regret a thing. As Mary says, "We both miss hot water, so we have to take showers at campsites and use washing machines when we travel."

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"Living in an RV allows you to be as eco-friendly as possible, while still being able to travel as much as you want."

Source: pressa

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