The video of suffering of a man named Chris was posted on TikTok by his wife. In just two weeks, the video has got more than 13 million views.

Why did the man made up his mind to get nail extensions?

Source: TikTok screenshot

Chris was constantly making fun of his wife since he did not understand why his sweetheart regularly complained about certain difficulties in everyday life because of her long nails. His wife suggested him to go to the salon and check for himself how difficult it is.

Chris calmly accepted the challenge. He had no idea that soon his life would become a living hell.

In the salon Chris got a beautiful manicure in purple and yellow colors. Source: TikTok screenshot

The problems began almost immediately. The man could not type a message on the phone properly because of the nails.

"He can not use his phone at all," his wife joked.

Then it got even worse. Chris was trying to gas up his car for a long time, but the real challenge was waiting for him at home. His wife deliberately scattered coins on the floor and asked her husband to collect them. He was not happy with this task.

It took Chris a long time to collect the coins. Source: TikTok screenshot

But the biggest difficulty Chris experienced was in the restroom. His wife could not resist laughing because of his problems with toilet paper. She had to help him.


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Eventually, Chris realized that long nails are very comfortable. Tiktok users came up with a few more challenges for the man:

"Dude, a bank card that falls on the floor is a thousand times worse than coins."

"You should work with such nails at the computer. If it was hard with the phone, it would be even worse with the keyboard."

Later, Chris took on a similar challenge where he had even longer nail extensions. This time the man tried to put on a shirt, pick up a bank card, and open a can.


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