Experts from the American company Maple Holistics in cooperation with researchers from the University of Toledo have predicted how the representatives of the species reading these lines may look at the end of this century. To find out the answer to the question of how the average human will have changed by 2100, you can look at a 3D model named Mindy.

According to researchers, the appearance of humans will be transformed in the very, very negative way. This is due to the sedentary lifestyle and the addiction to gadgets.

Meet Mindy, who shows how exactly people in 2100 will look. But in what ways does Mindy differ from us today?

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First, Mindy will have a peculiar "text claw" and “smartphone elbow”, a consequence of her constant use of smartphones.

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Her fingers have become so accustomed to gripping gadgets that they've stopped extending, remaining in the curled position.

Second, Mindy has an arched spine caused by a sedentary lifestyle and thickened neck muscles, that balance out the strain placed on her spine. She suffers from a "tech neck," a new condition that features a pain in the back of the neck caused by looking down at gadgets.

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Eyes will get a second pair of eyelids to protect them from excessive light. Mindy's "sideways blink" produced by her inner eyelid will protect her eyes from excessive exposure to incoming blue light.

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Mindy in all her glory: her body is short, her brain is much smaller.

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There are growing concerns that the radiation emitted by smartphones severely affects the brain and can lead to serious consequences.

Thus, in the course of human body transformations provoked by modern lifestyles, people will become hunchbacked dwarfs with smaller brains, thicker necks, and unnatural hand positions. Also with scary eyes.

Indeed, that's not the most beautiful appearance. Of course, this is just an assumption, but it is still worth straightening your back. Right now!

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And it's better to give yourself a break from all your gadgets more often.


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