Helene Simon received an original gift for her 99th birthday. She appeared in a commercial for her great-granddaughter's beauty brand.

Laney Crowell, the owner of the makeup company Saie, asked her own great-grandmother Helene Simon to become the new face of her brand. First, the woman was not too enthusiastic about the idea, but eventually agreed. Thus, at the age of 99 Helene took her first step in modeling.

Source: Laney Crowell

Helene, who is called Nanna in her family, lives in California and has 6 children, 11 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren. She never thought that she would appear in cosmetics commercials: "I'd seen all the beautiful models, and I was no competition for that," the woman admits. However, her granddaughter had a different opinion.

It all started with Instagram.

One of Laney Crowell's Instagram followers came up with a great idea to film for her brand not only professional models but also ordinary women like her grandmother. Laney liked the suggestion and approached it with all responsibility.

Laney had to involve almost all her relatives to persuade her grandmother to become the face of the cosmetic brand for several weeks. In the end, Helene accepted the offer: "I think the turning point was when I found the photographer who had photographed Nanna's favorite basketball player, Steph Curry," Laney laughs.

The woman had just celebrated her 99th birthday when she was offered to take part in the photo shoot. Despite the fact that she has never been a fan of makeup, Helene considers the photo shoot a worthy gift for her birthday: "I liked to look good, but when I was younger I hardly ever wore makeup," says Helene.

Now she enjoys using her granddaughter's makeup and even has a few favorite products that she uses every day such as moisturizer, mascara, blush, and lip balm.

Did Helene like the photo shoot?

Although Helene had been reluctant to take part in this adventure for a long time, in the end, she did not regret it and was absolutely delighted. The shoot was fun, there were plenty of jokes, loud laughter and photo ideas.

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"That was unbelievable. I could do that every day," Helene says. "I would also say the response from my six children has been something. This is a mom that they didn't realize they had," the woman admits.

Take a look at the backstage:

Laney Crowell, in turn, said that it was unusual to see her grandmother in such a role. After they published the photos, the brand received overwhelming customer support and lots of positive comments.

Source: people

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