This house known as the Seattle Spite House was built in 1925. It's an extraordinary house and everyone in the neighborhood would like to visit it. First, it was built in the colonial Spanish style, which already sets it apart from other buildings. But the main surprise awaits the visitor in the backyard. The house is shaped like a little wedge of pie and is 4½ feet at its narrowest!

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It is quite a long house, but at the back it narrows to the size of a door. The house has a ground floor, first floor, and a basement.

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There are two legends associated with this house, and both are related to spite. According to the first version, the owner of the neighboring property wanted to buy the land on which the house was built. He offered the owner a ridiculously low price, thinking that such a plot of land cannot be used for building anyway.

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The owner got angry and built a house to block their view out spite.

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But a more common version tells of a married couple who once owned the land. After their nasty divorce, the wife received only a small plot of land in the shape of a wedge of pie. Everyone expected the wife to sell the land, but to spite her husband, she built a house on it and settled there.

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The new owner of the house knew nothing of its history, he just liked living there. Although he completely renovated the interior, he decided not to change its shape.

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The house is easy to find on the map:

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This video will take you on a tour of the house:

Now the house is back on the market, and many people think about buying it. This well-known house now sells for a whopping $600K.

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