In North Carolina a cemetery of abandoned cars has recently been found. Nature has already left its mark there since trees have grown around the cars and even inside. It turned out that these are the remains of the American Motors Corporation car dealership. It closed 35 years ago and the cars were left in the open air.

Nature takes its course

Trees grow near cars and even through them. Source: The Drive

Journalists found Robin Collier, the son of that car dealer. The man said that the dealership worked from the 1960s to 1987. And after American Motors Corporation had gone bankrupt, the car dealership was forced to close.

This place used to be a car dealership. Source: The Drive

More than 10 cars were never sold and remained in the woods.

The showroom sold new and used cars. Source: The Drive

The dealership sold both new and used cars. AMC, Jeep, Nash and Rambler models have never got an owner.

For decades, nature has been capturing the cars' bodies. Trees have grown through some of them, others are covered with rust, and roots have wrapped around their bumpers.

Some cars are of interest to collectors. Source: The Drive

Nature has been

Source: 24tv

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