Aleta St. James is well known for becoming a mom to adorable healthy twins at the age of 57. Indeed, she is the oldest mom in the United States. The very fact that she managed to conceive at such age is amazing, but giving birth to healthy twins makes this story even more incredible.

Now Aleta is 73 and her twins are already 16. But how does she manage to cope with two teenagers?

Although half of century ago most of women had their first child in their twenties, nowadays with the development of medical care women tend to postpone the motherhood till their late thirties.

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Aleta was no exception. First, she was busy with her career, then she went into show business. Her life was bright and full of emotions, but only in her fifties she realized that something was missing.

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Indeed, when James was ready to become a mother, everybody thought it was too late. However, the woman decided to take a risk. She felt neither old nor sickly and was sure that she would be able to have a baby. Of course, her relatives and friends were against it, but she stayed adamant.

Nobody could talk her out of her decision to become a mother. So after several rounds of IVF, Aleta got pregnant. When she learnt that she was going to become a mom of twins she was over the moon.

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Now Aleta lives life to the full enjoying every moment. At the age of 73 she looks gorgeous. Having still plenty of energy, Aleta has a job, wears stylish outfits, and practices meditation. In addition, she raises her teens and does it perfectly. That is why Aleta looks younger than her actual age.

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Judging by the photos, the children are also quite happy with their lives. In all the photos they smile, their eyes shine. 

No wonder that Aleta's children are proud of their mother and do not consider her old.

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