Nowadays lots of people rent a house or apartment. Indeed, it can be enjoyable because one is not tied to one place for the rest of his/her life and may relocate any time he wants. However, there is a downside to renting one's dwelling. Since it's not a permanent home, one should be on the alert and ready to move at a moment's notice. That's what a 25-year-old woman faced in the summer of 2020.

The young woman had been renting that house since she was 18. When she moved in, the backyard was completely bare. Since it was of a decent size the woman decided to turn it into her own oasis. So she planted numerous portable garden beds and other greenery to make the area absolutely beautiful.

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In the spring of 2020, the owners showed up and told the woman they were selling the house and she had to move out in a month. Everything seemed to be going well until the landlords discovered that the woman had taken her garden with her. The garden was one of the most attractive features of the house, so on seeing a bare backyard potential buyers would lose interest in the place.

This aroused indignation of the property owners against their former tenant, who saw nothing wrong with taking what was technically hers. She left the apartment exactly as she saw it for the first time. However, some of the woman's acquaintances accused her of thwarting the potential sale. Not knowing what to do, the woman asked Reddit users for advice on how to handle the situation.

In her Reddit post, the woman shared that the house she was renting had a large backyard surrounded by a fence, but without a lawn. It was just a plot of land. Over the seven years she lived there, she put up a small garden shed, a greenhouse, and a pizza oven, and planted a vegetable garden. Everything was portable. "It has become the oasis where all my friends met," the woman recalled.

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She continued, "A few months ago, my landlords told me they were selling the house, and the day I finally moved out was a week ago. When I moved out, I took my garden with me and cleaned up the backyard." Nothing had been planted directly in the ground and nothing was permanent, so the process wasn't too difficult.

However, not everyone was happy about such a decision. The woman gave further explanations:

"The landlords got extremely angry about this and demand that I restore the backyard to its former state. Apparently, they had put the house up for sale with photos of the backyard and the potential buyers backed out when they saw the bare backyard. They accused me of stealing their plants and destroying their yard."

Fortunately, the woman had a contract according to which she had the right to plant a garden. She also took pictures of the house the day she moved in that showed what the backyard looked like then, proving it was in the same condition as when she first entered it. The woman even received her security deposit back.

Source: apost

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