Annie Peverelle, 40, who has given birth to four babies in the past six years, announced that she does not want to stop. She has never wanted her own family, so she gives birth exclusively as a surrogate mother. Annie admits that she really likes being pregnant and helping other people.

Annie believes she is obsessed with pregnancy. Source: Caters News Agency

"I like to feel the new life inside me and in general I feel good when I'm pregnant. I've never had morning sickness and my labor usually lasted no more than two hours," Annie explains. Now she wears a bracelet with the names of the babies she carried and their dates of birth engraved on it.

Source: Caters News Agency

Peverelle has decided she should have the fifth baby and stop, since she's in her 40s, which means pregnancy and childbirth can be even more dangerous to her health than when she was younger. Although she admits that she enjoys being pregnant both emotionally and financially.

Annie is very comfortable being pregnant. Source: Caters News Agency

Here's one of the reasons, according to Annie, why she became a surrogate mom: "A surrogate mother is never broke because the family pays all of her expenses while she carries their baby. The family also grants a maternity leave, food, vitamins, clothes, and I always see how this baby is growing. I'm always informed."

Annie carried Effie and Jude for couple Amanda and Jason McKeane. Source: Caters News Agency

Annie has recently given birth to a boy, Jude, for a nurse who suffered from endometrial cancer and had her ovaries removed. And four years earlier, Annie delivered a daughter Effie for her. Now Perevelle plans to have another baby and stop her surrogacy.

The couple is extremely grateful to Annie for their kids. Source: Caters News Agency

Annie befriended Amanda and Jason after carrying Effie and Jude. Source: Caters News Agency

Source: dailymail

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