Given everybody's obsession with tiny houses, it is not surprising that you can see a lot of interesting micro dwellings across the US. Lina Menard, a Portland designer, has been particularly successful at designing a 100-sq-ft cute micro dwelling called The Lucky Penny.

The girl designed the charming 100-sq-ft Lucky Penny tiny house by herself. Source: YouTube screenshot

Followers of the Tiny House movement are so enthusiastic about designing mini houses that they reduce their living apartments to the size of a tiny pantry. And most interestingly, they manage to equip their micro-dwellings with everything necessary so that the owners of full-size standard apartments envy their comfort and coziness.

To live in her own home, Menard bought a trailer frame and made a layout for her future home.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The charming house, designed and created by Menard, deserves special attention, because it is truly delightful.

Lucky Penny's tiny house stands out from other homes in a Portland RV park. Source: YouTube screenshot

Although Menard parked her Lucky Penny tiny home in the Simply Home Community RV parking lot in Portland, Oregon, it clearly stands out from other mobile homes. And it's not just its colorful design that draws attention to itself. The striking feature of the home is its size, because many people can't understand how 100-square-feet space can accommodate everything a young lady needs.

To save on the construction, Lina arranged working picnics during which her friends and acquaintances helped to build the house.

Source: YouTube screenshot

As Menard admits, it's been years since she took to minimalism. Furthermore, the woman has been fond of building and equipping tiny houses for years. Indeed, it's what she does for a living at Niche Consulting LLC. So no wonder she's come up with the idea to build her own tiny house the very moment she got tired of paying high rent.

The woman decided to build her tiny house in the style of gypsy Vardo.

Source: YouTube screenshot

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Source: YouTube screenshot

To reduce costs, Menard used recycled materials in construction as well as inner decoration. Her house features wooden furniture and a small platform acting as a porch.

The house is delivered to its location. Source: YouTube screenshot

Lina took an active part in the construction of the house.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Once the construction was completed, Lina calculated its costs. She spent $40,250 including all building materials, renting a garage, hiring professionals, delivering materials and the house to the parking area, lunches for her friends, equipment, and machinery.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Source: YouTube screenshot

Source: YouTube screenshot

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