This house was built in the 15th century. Anyone who hasn't been inside it yet, might think that the house has been abandoned for a long time. This comes as no surprise since the dwelling looks like a pile of rocks and wood from the outside. To crown it all, it is wildly overgrown with weeds. But what a surprise a traveler will have when he dares to look inside.

This is what's inside the house. Source: screenshot

A modern, well-kept dwelling hides behind the old stone walls of this charming and inconspicuous building. The owners call it the Wishbone Cottage. The building looks shabby and old, but it's far from that, even though it's more than 500 years old.

The living room is airy enough. Source: screenshot

Everything you need is here. Source: screenshot

Although the house does not have very large space, once you are inside you feel just the opposite. This effect is achieved by the skillful inner decorations. First of all, the walls are painted white. The only open room combines the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The latter is not very big, but it can meet the needs of the most demanding housewife. There is even a washing machine and a dishwasher!

The bedroom is quite small. Source: screenshot

There is a bathroom next door. Source: screenshot

The bedroom is separated from the living room by a small wall. The bathroom is small but well thought out. The windows of the house open directly into the garden. The interior of the living room contributes to proper air circulation. Behind the windows of the living room there is the most romantic corner of the house that is a small terrace. And it offers a marvelous view over the surroundings.

The gorgeous room under the roof. Source: screenshot

The best place is behind the house. Source: screenshot

Marvelous view over the surroundings. Source: screenshot

Source: interesno

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