Solar Orbiter's latest encounter with the Sun was just several days ago, but only now it has sent the images of its rendezvous.

A new series of photos of the Sun was sent to Earth by Solar Orbiter, the spacecraft studying the Sun. Although it made another very close approach to the Sun on October 12, the pictures, from which a video was created, show the sequence taken between September 20 and October 10, 2022.

Solar Orbiter began its journey to the Sun back in February 2020 and first approached the star in June 2020.

The new photos that the spacecraft sent to Earth were taken before its next approach to the Sun, and from these images scientists of the European Space Agency (ESA) created a video that shows the Sun in all its glory.

Solar Orbiter sent a new series of images of the Sun. Source: ESA

The video shows the Sun at a wavelength of 17 nanometers. This wavelength is emitted by gas in the Sun's atmosphere, which has a temperature of about 1800032°F. Given that such a wavelength is imperceptible to the human eye, scientists have added an artificial color to the Sun for it to look like the yellow star we all know.

According to the scientists from ESA, you can see some image jump slightly at the end of the video. This resulted from the fact that at some days the apparatus did not return data to Earth. According to scientists, the data is beyond huge. No wonder that sometimes it takes days or even weeks for the data from Solar Orbiter, depending on its location in space, to reach Earth.

Source: phys

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