The beginning of this story was rather unexpected. A Kenyan shepherd spotted a suspicious pile of mud that just a day ago hadn't been there. Intrigued, he came closer and was amazed at what he saw. The pile of mud turned out to be a weak elephant stuck deeply in a mud puddle.

Source: Caters News

The mammal was extremely weak and dehydrated. It must have stayed without food and water for a long time. By the way, an adult elephant eats about 450 lb of plants daily and on a sunny day it drinks from 25 to 80 gallons of water.

Source: Caters News

The shepherd decided at least to try to help the animal. He called a rescue team to the scene, and then the men started thinking about how to get the African giant out. Since the elephant was nervous, it was simply dangerous to get too close to it.

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But the men decided to take a risk. They spent seven hours digging the animal out of a huge mud puddle and then, after it had calmed down, they washed it from the mud and gave it water. After recovering from the shock, the animal got up and slowly strode away from the people. We can only hope that the elephant is doing well now.

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According to statistics, elephants often fall into such traps. Because of their need for water, they take risks and get stuck. And not all of them, unfortunately, have a caring shepherd on the way.

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