Sway Tower is the famous landmark of Sway, a small village in Hampshire, UK. Dating back to the late 19th century, it is the tallest non-reinforced structure in the world, standing 218 ft above the ground.

Source: Sway Tower

The house has been owned by Paul Atlas for decades. But as the 74-year-old man is getting older, it is no longer easy for him to climb the 330 steps to get to the bedroom, so he decided to put it up for sale.

Source: Sway Tower

The current owner wants $3 million for it, and for this money the new owner will receive four bedrooms located on separate floors, ten additional rooms, a swimming pool, and magnificent views.

Source: Sway Tower

The interior decoration of the rooms will be appreciated by fans of the Gothic and classical architecture. Fireplaces, natural wood furniture, and high Gothic doorways cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Source: Sway Tower

Sway Tower property also features a garden, outdoor pool, tennis court, and even a family crypt.

Source: Sway Tower

By the way, when buying the tower, you will get quite a good annual income, because the upper floors are rented by emergency services and mobile operators who have placed their equipment there.

Source: Sway Tower

Now Sway Tower is waiting for new owners, who can either live there or rent out the building.

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