British nail artist Lhouraii Li surprises people around her by wearing horns and elf ears. She does it because she feels she is an alien on Earth and only this image helps her to feel at ease on this planet.

Source: Instagram

Li has been fascinated by the Japanese subculture Gyaru since her childhood. As a teen, she discovered the bright makeup and started experimenting with looks.

Later Li realized that all this helps her to express her true essence of an alien.

Source: Instagram

In addition to her bright look, the girl also dyes her skin blue every day with a vegan dye. It looks unusual, but Lhouraii has to constantly explain to others why she does it.

Source: Instagram

Not being accepted by others often upsets the girl, but she believes that one day she will be able to find friends who will accept her just the way she is.

Source: Instagram

In the meantime, 28-year-old Lhouraii is attracting more and more clients with her image, which is not bad either.

Source: Instagram

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