After World War II, an ethnic German Rudi Schlattner and his family fled from the Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia). The man returned to his old home only 70 years later, and when he did, he found something incredible.

Before leaving, Schlattner's father hid some of the family's valuable possessions in the roof of their house. The long-lost treasure had remained there for more than seven decades, and when Rudi was able to return, he found them intact.

Source: Daily Mail

Rudi Schlattner's story

At the end of World War II, Schlattner lived in newly liberated Czechoslovakia. His family, like many others, had been forced to leave their family home due to a mass expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia.

Before the Schlattners left, they managed to hide their possessions in the attic of the house which Rudy's father had built in the late 20s. At the time, Rudi's parents believed that one day they would return and retrieve their possessions...

"My father built the villa in 1928 and 1929. He always thought that one day we would return and get it back," Rudi said.

Seventy years later, Rudi Schlattner contacted the local authorities of Libouch, a Czech village where his childhood home was still located. As it turned out, the house was currently used as a kindergarten. Rudi asked to go to the house and explore it.

Source: Daily Mail

The Attic

Rudi knew that his father had hidden things somewhere in the attic as he was told about the secret string that led to hiding place. The man was thrilled because he wanted to find the lost things as soon as possible.

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail

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Schlattner's treasure

When Schlattner pulled the string, the two wooden boards detached, revealing a cache full of items untouched for decades.

Source: Daily Mail

Boxes and packages wrapped in brown paper were stacked high under the roof. It was a real treasure that no one had touched in 70 years...

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It was amazing to see that all the things were still in perfect condition.

There were a total of 70 packages hidden under the roof. Many of the packages were wrapped in brown paper or old newspapers. Some of the items such as skis, hats, clothes-hangers and magazines were unwrapped.

Rudi also found umbrellas, pens, school desks, cigarettes, books, games, newspapers and puzzles.

Source: Daily Mail

There were items such as children's clothes, dolls, socks, and more.

Source: Daily Mail

Ink and sewing kits were also found among the items.

Source: Daily Mail

There were even paintings by Josef Stegl, an artist who also lived in the house during World War II.

All the 70 packages are now in a local museum in Usti nad Labem, the Czech Republic.

Source: Daily Mail

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