Cats are virtually the most popular pets and can compete in popularity only with dogs. However, it's amazing that some people keep a black panther in their apartment! Victoria, the owner of the kitten Luna, can boast of this. She's rescued Luna from a petting zoo, and the two haven't parted since. It's been nine months since the panther came into the girl's home, and in that time the cute little kitten has turned into a beautiful feline.

Luna is a black panther living in Siberia.


Although Luna was born in a petting zoo, a kind girl rescued her from there.


A week after Luna's birth, her mother refused to feed her, which affected the kitten's health. Victoria, her current owner, was asked to help nursing her back to health. The kind girl decided to buy Luna out of the zoo and keep her for herself. Victoria was afraid the panther would be sold to another zoo where she wouldn't get the care she deserved. Since the girl has been raising and nursing big cats for 12 years, Luna was safe with her.

Luna has been under Victoria's wing since the first weeks of her life.


First the kitten was bottle-fed. Luna quickly got used to the cat tray just like a domestic cat. But her claws and teeth were larger than those of her domestic fellows, so Victoria's hands often suffered from them.

Soon the panther met a Rottweiler named Venza.



The dog treated Luna like her puppy, and the two immediately became friends. Despite her size, Venza tried to be careful with Luna, although when they first met, she almost jumped over the kitten overwhelmed with joy.

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Luna and Victoria live in Siberia, so the panther often walks in the snow-covered woods.


Luna is comfortable playing and running in the snow since she is a cross between the Persian and Amur leopard. She has put on weight and has a warm coat, so the cold is not a problem for her.

Not long ago Luna has turned nine months old.


She has grown from a baby to a beautiful big cat weighing 46lb. Of course, some people wonder what will happen to Luna next, because it's getting harder and harder to keep her in the apartment.

Victoria understands the difficulties of keeping a wild cat in her home, but is still looking for options that will allow her to keep Luna. She admits that the panther is already a part of her heart, so it will be morally difficult for the girl to give her away.

Hopefully, Victoria will solve this problem and she and Luna won't be separated.


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