Children's imagination and playfulness are truly boundless, so parents often have to say "No." But have you ever wondered what your day would be like if you never once said "No" to all your kids' suggestions and wishes?

Hannah and James Simonson of Wales, UK, made up their mind to conduct a one-day experiment in which they agreed to everything their kids offered and asked for. You'd think that just to say "yes" would be easy, but the conditions of the challenge were not that simple.

The Simonsons dared to carry out a challenging but fascinating experiment.

Source: Hannah Simonson

While Hannah and her husband James were watching the movie Yes Day featuring parents who agree to any proposal from their kids for one day, they came up with the idea to have a Yes Day in their family.

Of course, the parents set the rules so that the Yes Day would go off without incident for all family members:

1) Nothing dangerous (the parents wanted to survive the day);

2) The consequences of any mischief could only last twenty-four hours;

3) A limited budget;

4) Have fun!

"Just do it! Don't think about it! Let them do everything! You won't regret .... for too long, Hannah shared her advice on social media.

The kids gave their parents a makeover. YES!

Source: Hannah Simonson

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Hannah and James' kids started the day with putting makeup on their parents. Their mom got lipstick, thick black eyebrows, and even a beard, while their dad did with red lipstick and a little drawing on his face.

Then the kids picked out outfits for their parents. Also YES!

Source: Hannah Simonson

Daddy got a bra over his clothes and Mommy got men's cycling shorts, but they couldn't refuse it.

Next, the kids had breakfast at McDonald's. Again YES!

Source: Hannah Simonson

That is how the parents had to go to McDonald's and then to the gas station.

According to Hannah, the toughest challenge was going to a playground.

Source: Hannah Simonson

Parents at the playground kept their kids away from the two strange adults who were Hannah and her hubby.

Although the experiment was definitely not easy, Hannah admitted that she was happy with that day and suggested that other parents also dare to take this adventure.

"We have had to tell our kids 'No' so many times during the lockdown. Not to see our family, not to see friends, not to go to entertainment venues, so it was time to say YES to them," the mom said.

Would you dare to carry out an experiment like this?


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