An unusual commercial with a famous model has caused a sensation on the Internet. Canadian Rick Genest, dubbed Zombie Boy, is famous for his friendship with the flamboyant Lady Gaga and his numerous tattoos. His actual size imitation of a human skeleton tattoos are known all over the world.

One day Genest took part in a commercial for a cosmetics company. The producer decided to demonstrate their full-coverage foundation on the example of Zombie Boy.

Several layers of foundation covered up all the model's tattoos. So the viewer sees what Rick Geneste's "clean" body might look like without a single hint of tats, and the contrast is just impressive.

Zombie Boy then takes a sponge soaked in a makeup remover and starts scrubbing his chest staring fiercely right into the viewers' eyes. Then Genest proceeds to his face, and in a few seconds his true tattooed body can be seen.

The commercial ends with footage of makeup artists wiping foundation off Zombie Boy's entire body. At the end, the model shows his signature body art.


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