Nowadays, there are so many admirers of unconventional beauty. Any features that once were considered embarrassing are now of great value. Fortunately, this trend relates to pet owners as well!

An unusual Oklahoma puppy has been able to surprise even vets because the baby has not 4 but 6 legs and 2 tails at once!

This wonder puppy is named Skipper


Skipper is an Australian border collie mix. She was born at the Oklahoma City Animal Hospital, where the vets were anxious to find out more about her health.

After examining Skipper, the vets discovered that the little girl had two pelvic areas, a pair of urinary tracts, and two reproductive systems. The vets supposed that Skipper was to be born with a sibling, but for unknown reasons the two embryos had not separated in the womb.

Skipper is likely to require some physical therapy in the future, but right now the baby is feeling great, eating well, and developing quickly!

Here's what Skipper's X-ray looks like


When the vets made sure there was no danger to the baby's health, they let Skipper go home to be taken care of by her loving owners. According to them, the girl is growing up very active. All the six girl's paws function well that means it won't be easy to keep up with her!

In this picture you can count all the six paws of the adorable little Skipper


Skipper's owners have already organized a fundraiser to cover the veterinary bills and any treatment she may need in the future. And, of course, the unique little girl is so loved by people that they are willing to help her in every possible way!

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