When walking in the woods, a couple came across an old abandoned mansion. First they looked in the window and saw a stuffed boar's head hanging over the fireplace. Intrigued by the spooky house, the young people entered it through the open door. A few minutes later they realized that there was a real maze of rooms inside.

The Gothic mansion obviously once belonged to a wealthy family. It is most likely some people's ancestral family home. Usually such places are lived in for generations, which makes its desolation even more strange.

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Next to the room with the fireplace and the wild boar's head, there are narrow corridors winding in different directions. They twist throughout the mansion, creating that maze-like feeling.

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It seems that this was the goal of the architect. Some corridors lead to the lower floors, where the servants' rooms are located, while others lead upstairs, where the owners lived.

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One of the corridors makes a loop, leading downstairs under an inconspicuous staircase. The mansion features doors of various sizes.

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A broad staircase leads up to the first floor. Just beyond the top landing there is a bedroom with a strange overthrown bed, which seemed to have fallen through the floor. There are numerous things scattered around the room, and the closet doors are open.

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The couple spent several hours exploring the maze house. But when it got dark, they decided to leave the mansion since it was very easy to get lost inside.

It is still unknown who owned the mansion and why it has been abanoned. Most likely the property still remains in the owners' family.

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