If you feel like nothing can curb your hair, don't lose hope. You probably haven't found the right hair care yet. Not long ago a Twitter user has told how her hair has been transformed by a few simple rules that turned her frizzy hair into curls. And many other girls shared their transformations and tips in the comments!

A Twitter user showed how her hair transformation since she changed her hair care routine.

This is a photo before

Source: Twitter

And this is after

Source: Twitter

Naturally, everyone wanted to know the secret of such a transformation. It turns out that the magic is simple. One only needs care and patience. The girl's secret is CGM or Curly Girl Method. Curly Girl Method is a method of curly hair care that eliminates the use of shampoos and products with silicones. CGM followers wash their hair with conditioner and don't use brushes.

The girl hasn't revealed all the details, but shared some tips to combat the frizz. She's advised adding moisturizing products and a proper styling for frizzy hair to create beautiful curls.

Other curly girls shared their own methods. For example, this girl makes a bun for night and in the morning she looks like this:

Source: Twitter

According to some of the girls, ditching a hairbrush helped them to tame their hair:

Source: Twitter

And giving up a comb seems to work wonders!

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Source: Twitter

As one girl noted, the knowledge of not combing your hair should be passed down along with the curls.

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So take down these tips and give them a try!

Source: twizz.com

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