The humpback whale is a really amazing creature. It not only makes unique sounds resembling beautiful songs, but also shows real acrobatic performances. In addition, these animals are very intelligent, as even scientists confirm.

James, a professional diver and animal welfare activist, has always been a big fan of humpback whales. One day, when the man with a team of volunteers was working near the coast of San Francisco, he suddenly saw a humpback whale.

The animal caught James' attention with its unusual behavior. And the longer the man watched the humpback whale, the clearer he realized that something was wrong with the mammal. Later the diver described the incident as follows:

"The whale came up for a breath and then, I'm sure of it, looked right at me. His eyes were asking for help."

The man dared to swim up to the animal. Once beside him, James put his hand on it and said in a calm voice, "I'll help you and I won't hurt you, don't worry." James had dealt with these animals before and knew very well that they were very intelligent and capable of understanding many things. Even scientists agree with this.


By the way, humpback whales are very large animals. In the wild, these mammals have perhaps only one enemy, the killer whale that is dangerous to their babies.

However, the main threat to humpback whales has always been humans who dump a huge amount of hazardous waste into the ocean, including various chemicals.

This is exactly what happened to the whale that James met. The humpback whale got entangled in the long ropes and chains that were attached to a 2,000lb anchor.

It turned out that all these things were hanging on the animal's tail. James and the volunteers didn't hesitate for a second to do everything they could to help the whale. They worked long and hard to free the animal from the chains. Before getting to work, James put his hand on the mammal again and said in a calm voice, "Get ready, this is going to hurt. But we'll do everything we can to help you." And the whale trusted the diver. The animal opened its mouth, and James put his hand in there and pulled the pieces of rope out. Wasn't that amazing?


It wasn't an easy job. Some of the pieces were stuck very deep. But after five hours of hard work, the whale was finally freed from the ropes. And then something even more amazing happened. At first the whale dived into the sea, and then approached James again. It began to swim around him, as if drawing number eight in the water, and then stopped in front of the man, waiting for him to pet it like a puppy. But that was not all. As the whale said goodbye to the diver, he rubbed his body gently against the man, and James was absolutely sure that the humpback whale was expressing his gratitude.

We would also like to say a big thanks to James and the volunteers for rescuing this wonderful animal. It was not an easy task because such work required a lot of time and determination, but people were not afraid of the challenge. And they could not have received anything more valuable for this work than the gratitude of the rescued animal.

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