Sometimes when people plan to renovate their new house they come up with crazy ideas which implementation might seem to be almost impossible. A family of three based in Osaka, Japan, asked for a house where they could be near each other all the time no matter where they were. It sounds impossible, but the light tamers and space masters from a Japanese construction company did exactly what their clients wanted. And the house turned out to be so unusual that it's challenged all stereotypes about homes!

A family of three asked to create a home for them and their many belongings

Source: Shinkenchiku Sha

The clients wanted to be close to each other no matter where each of them was. They didn't want separate rooms so that they could feel close to each other. And to perplex the architects further, the family said they did not really need the storage space.

Despite the challenge, the architects did an excellent job

Source: Shinkenchiku Sha

As a result, the family has a house that looks like one big room, but with separate room compartments for their belongings.

The 550 sq. feet space features multiple rooms

Source: Shinkenchiku Sha

The solution is multi-level interior

Source: Shinkenchiku Sha

Thirteen levels with a height difference of 700 mm turned the house into a multi-story building

Source: Shinkenchiku Sha

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Seven upper platforms are supported by cables, and the bottom six by columns

Source: Shinkenchiku Sha

The floors in the form of two spirals allow to move quickly around the house

Source: Shinkenchiku Sha

And there is not a single wall in this home. Except, of course, for the outer walls

Source: Shinkenchiku Sha

The windows in the house are arranged so that there's enough light in every room

Source: Shinkenchiku Sha

From the outside, the building looks quite inconspicuous

Source: Shinkenchiku Sha

According to the creators of the house, the owners quickly got used to it:

"Our clients lived nearby and gradually moved into the house. Since they finally settled in, things, architecture, and people have become an ensemble."

As the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover. Even the most inconspicuous building can hide a real masterpiece of architectural thought!


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