A two-year-old girl was given a chocolate egg as an Easter gift, but rather than eat it, she decided to box it up. Decades later, her heirs came across the hidden sweet and learnt that the Easter egg could now make them rich.

In 1924, Lillian Metclough from Derbyshire, England, received from her aunt a small Easter souvenir, a chocolate egg with a toy inside. And, despite the strong desire to eat the egg, the girl decided to keep the gift. In addition, she treated it with special care and almost never showed it to anyone. The chocolate egg remained intact even during World War II, when chocolate was a real luxury.

Lillian Metclough and her family. Source: lemurov.net

Lillian's relatives say that the woman only took the egg out at Easter, in honor of the holiday, and then carefully put it back in the box. And when Lillian moved to another town or even to another country, the egg traveled with her.

Lillian passed away in 2019, and the sweet gift the woman had kept all her life has only recently been found. Her loved ones came to the Metclough home to retrieve her remaining belongings and discovered the very box Lillian had kept under her bed. The relatives immediately had the chocolate egg examined.

The 1924 chocolate egg. Source: lemurov.net

It should be noted that the egg is still in perfect condition. The chocolate and the beautiful wrapping are still intact, and there is a dolly inside.

Charles Hanson, the owner of the auction house, has evaluated the find at $350. The man is convinced that antiquities hunters are sure to buy this exclusive find, and its value may quickly rise. The point is that the factory, which produced such Easter eggs, was closed down in the 1940s.

Source: lemurov.net

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