One day a friend of mine saw a post on Facebook and called me. She said that a Labrador was waiting for her owner right on the highway to Chicago. It was past midnight, and I had doubts that the dog was still there.

However, the thought that the poor creature was sitting there alone gave me no rest. I contacted my friends who were volunteers at a local dog rescue. Linda, Josie and I drove out into the night, not even knowing the exact location. When we arrived, we couldn't see any dog, so the girls took their flashlights and went to search the area. What they saw shocked them. On the ground, not far from the highway, there was an exhausted dog nursing two tiny puppies. Tiffany's eyes were filled with tears, and she could no longer respond to anything.


The girls called me with tears in their eyes, as it was clear that the poor mom had been dumped to give birth there. On taking the dog family to the car, we heard a squeak under the bushes. Josie shined her flashlight and saw two puppies that were about two days old. We quickly took these babies into the car as well and rushed to the hospital. All the way to the vets Tiffany cried and so did we. The only thing we asked her was to live for the sake of her newborn babies. And then it occurred to us that the Labrador wasn't just sitting on the road stopping cars, but trying to give her babies a chance at life.


We took the dog family to the vet hospital, hoping that they all would survive, their mom would get better and she would be able to take care of her pups. But despite all our efforts, Tiffany had crossed the Rainbow Bridge by the morning. Everybody was in panic, because it was unclear what to do next, how to nurse the newborn puppies. Fortunately, the next day a dog at the local shelter gave birth to four pups. So we decided to place the babies with her but we didn't know if she would accept them.

Josie brought the babies to their new mom, Lizzy. Of course she was very surprised by the expansion of her litter, but she accepted the babies at once. Our Lizzy is definitely a wonder mom. The people who dumped their pregnant dog near the highway can't be compared to her. The pups are growing up and we will do everything we can to make sure they find a loving forever home. They are sure to become happy dogs, because they have had a hard start in life.


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