Ukrainians continue to save and give shelter to the animals affected by war. Thus, the burnt Ukrainian kitty Phoenix, whose photo went viral in spring, has found a new loving family. Today the cat is unrecognizable. He has recovered, grew a long whiskers and a fluffy coat.

Source: Twitter

Photos of the cat after recovery have been shared on Twitter. "Do you recognize him? This is the same Phoenix the cat that suffered during the Russian attack on Bucha, Ukraine. The burnt kitty was sheltered by a pet store staff who took care of him, fed and brushed him. Now he looks like this. That's what the overwhelming love can do," the cat rescuer wrote.

Source: Facebook

Phoenix the cat was found under the ruins of his destroyed home. He had a torn lower lip, burned ears, coat, and whiskers.

Source: Twitter

The injured kitten was rescued in April when the Russian invaders were fleeing the Kiev region. The baby was treated at the vets and now lives in the office of his rescuer, whose name is Vladimir. The pet is doing well; he has not gone blind or deaf as the vets thought.

Source: Twitter

Although the war has left scars on his body, his soul has remained unharmed. The pet is playful, affectionate and trustful.

Source: Twitter

The rescuer jokingly says that Phoenix is a Ukrainian biological weapon. "He does not burn in fire, jumps up 60ft and 165ft long and can chew through any iron, including the enemy's armored vehicles. Now I understand why the invaders left the Kiev region in panic!"


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