It's been 35 years since the charity worker Debra Goddard, now 55, bought a ring at a flea market. The piece of jewelry encrusted with "glass" cost the woman $12. Goddard had kept the ring in a box until she went to a pawn shop due to her mother's financial difficulties. What was her surprise when the jeweler said that the ring was encrusted with a 26.27-carat diamond!

Debra Goddard. Source:

The ring cost only $12. It would have stayed in the box if Debra's mother hadn't lost all her money due to her relative's scam. Goddard asked the jeweler to assess the ring dreaming of getting $800. However, the expert said her that the ring cost much more.


"When I went to the jeweler, he was about to faint and murmured: 'Do you know WHAT that is? It's a diamond.' I spent the whole night staring at the ring and wondering what I should do," the charity worker said. The woman contacted Sotheby's where the authenticity of the stone was proven. The sale of the ring brought the family a whopping $500,000.

The ring was sold at Sotheby's in London for a whopping $500,000. Source:

Debra still lives in a council house in a western suburb of London, but now generously pampers her 72-year-old mother June Boyle. "She has gone on vacation to Barbados, seen Tom Jones and Celine Dion in Vegas and bought a fur coat. Money is not important to me," the lucky woman says.

Now Debra can pamper her elderly mother. Source:

"It makes up for all the misfortunes we've had in our lives, for my mother being deprived of everything."

Goddard has set up a business that specializes in the search for valuable items at flea markets and has also written a book about her life. The woman promises to donate all the revenue from the book sales to a children's charity.


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