Myra the dog lived with her owners in a poor Cape Town neighborhood. One day a terrible grief came to their home...

A burglar armed with a gun broke into their home. The owners instantly spotted the criminal and the panic-stricken man started shooting. The couple was killed with 16 shots. Then the gunman went into the nursery to take the lives of the only witnesses to the murder...


But the family's brave dog Myra rushed to cut the robber off.

On hearing the gunman approaching the nursery Myra rushed toward the children and saved them from the last bullet that was in the robber's gun. Although the bullet split Myra's whole leg open, the little kids survived.


The killer fled the scene immediately.

The hero dog took the bullet, but did not die. She was sent to the veterinary hospital where she was urgently operated on.


To save the brave pet, the doctors had to amputate her front leg.


The courageous defender touched the entire hospital staff so much that one woman decided to take the pooch in when she gets better.


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What a heart-warming story of courage, love and loyalty to family!


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