Krystal and Justin Fones, both in their 30s, have 6- and 3-year-old daughters. Dreaming about of a large family, they were thinking about adopting a third child.

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One day Krystal learned that one of her family members was pregnant with a baby girl and was planning to put her up for adoption. Since the baby had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome in utero, the birth mother was not ready to raise such a child. But Krystal and Justin didn't think twice about it.

"There was no thinking about this," Krystal said. "My heart was immediately there."

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The Fons even flew from California to North Carolina to attend the birth of their third daughter. Their family photographer was also with them to capture every moment of that special day.

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That is how Krystal describes this day: "The birth mother had a scheduled C-section. Beforehand, the hospital told us that multiple people could be in the operating room, but on the day-of, it ended up just being me who was allowed in, while Justin waited."

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"What I felt, during the C-section, was a strong sense of peace. The room was so sterile and cold, and the doctors were chit-chatting and doing their thing. I was sitting there next to her holding her hand and making sure that she was OK. I didn't have a C-section with either of our older girls, so I didn't know what to expect," Krystal adds.

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When Ruby was born, she seemed to Krystal huge and blue and screaming. In fact, the baby girl weighed 7lb 7oz, so it was just Krystal's imagination.

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"I had never been to another woman's labor before, so I was confused. What should I do? What should her birth mom do? Luckily, the birth mother said the most precious words in my life. She looked at me, smiled, and whispered:

"Go fall in love with your daughter."

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Krystal cries every time she remembers these words. Nothing more meaningful could have been said in this situation.

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"She is a beautiful and courageous person who've given me my daughter, and I am very grateful to her," Krystal says with tears in her eyes.

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Now, a year and a half later, Ruby lives happily with Krystal, Justin, and their biological kids. Although the girl is developing a little slower than other children, that doesn't bother the Fones. Ruby is loved just as she is.


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