Little Free Library, a nonprofit organization, is spreading the message around the world that books and reading are extremely important, and libraries still exist! Sharalee Armitage Howard of Idaho has transformed a 110-year-old tree into one of those little homes of the printed word. Although only a kitty can fit in it, this little library looks fabulous!

Sharalee Armitage Howard of Idaho, has given a century-old tree near her home a new life

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There it is, on the right. The tree was about to be cut down, but Sharalee came with a great idea how to give it a second chance at life.

So she's turned it into a little free library for neighbors and passers-by

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The library operates on a take-it-and-share-it basis. People can leave books in the library and take them as well

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Sharalee's created this masterpiece under the auspices of Little Free Library

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With the support of these guys about 75 thousand mini-libraries have been founded in 88 countries around the globe.

The tree has been carved from the inside and topped with a gable roof

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The library is equipped with interior and exterior lights to create a truly fairy-tale atmosphere

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And look at the details! The molding above the door is not as simple as it looks

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There are actually little wooden books, from The Hobbit to Gone with the Wind

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Sharalee is now officially a member of Little Free Library, and her library has appeared on the mini-library map

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According to the librarian, after spring she intends to plant perennials near her brainchild and finish decorations.

However, her library already looks like a real masterpiece!


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