The six-year-old Goldendoodle named Harley became famous on social media when his owner Ralph Dorn published photos of a very unusual incident that happened a few weeks ago. It all started when the dog went missing and Ralph and his wife Pat went to the woods to search for him. Harley was found in a lake not far from their home. He was swimming in the water, scruffing a small animal. And soon the brave dog pulled a tiny fawn onto the shore.

Source: Ralph Dorn

Source: Ralph Dorn

The baby was only a couple of days old, wet and shivering with cold. The fawn's mother was nowhere to be found, and Harley began licking the fawn to bring it back to health. It turned out that the fawn somehow ended up in the middle of the lake and began to drown. The baby was very lucky that Harvey heard his call and rushed to his aid.

According to Ralph, his dog never left the fawn. He took care of him and closely watched his condition. Soon the fawn warmed up and could stand on its own. And then, a noise was heard in the bushes, and the fawn rushed away to the call of his mother.

However, it was not the last meeting with the Bambi. The next morning Harvey suddenly became restless. He was running about the house begging to be allowed outside. And then Ralph heard a low bleat. The man opened the door and the dog rushed in the yard where the fawn he had rescued the day before was waiting for him among the trees. Ralph and his wife Pat saw an amazing scene. Harvey and little Bambi touched each other's noses, wagged their tails, and stood side by side for some time as if talking without words. Then the fawn went back to his mom and the dog went back to his home.

The little fawn has come to visit its rescuer. Source: Ralph Dorn

Source: Ralph Dorn

Ralph and Pat were amazed at what they'd seen. Indeed, the wild animal had come to thank the dog for its rescue. That doesn't happen very often!

But they weren't surprised at Harvey's behavior. Their pet was specially trained. He has been working as a therapy dog in nursing homes and children's institutions for several years. Compassion runs in his blood, so little Bambi is very lucky that Harvey was there for him that day.


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