When Jessica Adams was walking her son to preschool she spotted a tiny blob on the sidewalk. It turned out to be a newborn baby squirrel that weighed 1.3 ounces and fit in the palm of her hand. Its eyes had not yet opened, and its transparent paws with sharp claws were as cold as ice. The poor thing must have fallen out of its nest, or been pulled out by some predator. Most likely the latter, since the critter was missing half of its tail.

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"It must be a squirrel. It must be a squirrel," Jessica thought. She decided to give the baby a chance at life, because there was freezing cold outside. She took the squirrel home, warmed it up, and fed it with a syringe. The first thing Adams did was call the local animal rescue but it was full and Jessica had to help the little one on her own.

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"He needed me, he would have died without my help. And I didn't know how much I would need him or how much I would adore him." The first night was the most difficult, and the woman was truly surprised to find that the rescued squirrel had managed to survive it. Adams would feed the squirrel every two hours even at night. She equipped a shoebox and put the baby in it. Jessica had no choice but to take him to work with her. Her kids were simply shocked by the unusual alien that settled in their home.

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Meanwhile the rescued baby squirrel got stronger and gained weight. His eyes opened, his feet got stronger, the soft fluff started to grow. The pet was named Steve. He learned to climb, loved to ride on Jessica's shoulder. Moreover, his cage had become too small for him.

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Adams built a real palace for Steve in her backyard. Steve had to get used to the noise of the street, new smells, and learn to get food. But one day Steve went missing. Jessica was heartbroken since she didn't know what had happened to him.

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But after a while, Jessica saw Steve on the tree in her backyard. There was another squirrel with him. Then Adams realized that her pet squirrel had found a mate! Fortunately, Steve was doing well.

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Steve continues to visit his former owner. He has come to Jessica's backyard many times this year. However, now he won't allow to be petted but Jessica doesn't mind it. Most importantly, Steve is a happy squirrel!

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