All living creatures on our planet need a soul mate. Indeed, friendship is so important in our life that even animals form special relationships that can last for many years. There can be a close bond between all living beings, and even between animals of different species that have nothing in common.

A real-life example is the touching story of the friendship between dogs and a turtle. One day a man spotted a tiny lonely turtle on the river bank. The good Samaritan couldn't leave the poor thing in trouble, so he made up his mind to take it home. The man fed the baby and placed it in a box hoping that he would soon be able to find its mom.

Source: Legion Media

Days passed, but the turtle's mom was nowhere to be found. Then the man thought about adopting the animal, but he worried whether his dogs would accept the turtle. The point was there were also puppies of different breeds living with the man, and he didn't know what would happen when they met. He was preparing for the worst, but luckily there was a big surprise waiting for him.

Source: Legion Media

During their first meeting of the turtle and puppies, the animals immediately became friends. The pups cautiously approached the turtle, sniffed it, and showed it that they approved of its owner's choice. Although some dogs belonged to a large breed, they were kind to the new family member. Now the animals get along well and spend all their time together.

Source: Legion Media

In fact, turtles vary in character from species to species, and some can vary greatly even within species. Some turtles have a calm temperament, such as box turtles and red-eared terrapins. Cayman turtles are more aggressive and can even bite. For turtles, they move surprisingly fast and tilt their shell forward to protect themselves from a potential threat. This species is not recommended as a pet turtle unless you are an experienced owner.


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