Sometimes people can see in ordinary things something that does not really exist, a vision conjured up by their imagination. But sometimes all sorts of interpretations are just unnecessary. Not long ago Uruguayan miners have found a piece of basalt inside which the most extraordinary geode of this millennium was hidden. Nature had given it the shape of a heart!

This photo has gone viral on the social media

Source: Uruguay Minerals

The solid piece of basalt hid a heart-shaped amethyst geode in it!

Source: Uruguay Minerals

Now the rock with the treasure is displayed in a museum

Source: Uruguay Minerals

As Marcos Lorenzelli, a manager at Uruguay Minerals, recalls, that day they began working deep at the new Santa Rosa mine in the Artigas area. Soon after the work started, they hit a particularly hard block of basalt. The workers had worked very hard on it, and someone jokingly said that such toil should be royally rewarded. These words were fateful. The split rock revealed to the world a heart-shaped amethyst geode of striking beauty!

The heart shape is very popular, that is why Uruguay Minerals often recreate it

Source: Uruguay Minerals

Here are the beautiful "Angel's wings"

Source: Uruguay Minerals

Geodes come in all kinds of shapes

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Source: Uruguay Minerals

But you are unlikely to find a similar one for a long time!

Source: Uruguay Minerals

Such a beautiful gift from Mother Nature!


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