Mom-of-one Brittany Bigley from Saratoga Springs, Utah, has been separated from her younger sister since 1993 when their family had financial difficulties.

"When I was about two and a half and Amanda was one, we got taken away from our mom and placed into foster care," Brittany said.

Source: Amanda Stiles

The father continued to take care of the girls, but eventually Amanda was adopted by another family. It was a closed adoption, so the girl's name was changed. "Growing up, my dad always told me I had a sister and I had some pictures with her and some vague memories," Brittany added.

Source: Amanda Stiles

Her father continued to take care of Brittany until he died. Then the 10-year-old girl got into the foster care system again.

Being in her 20s Brittany tried to find her sister through family pictures and some court files. She also recorded a video of her story, which she shared on social media.

A short time later, she got a message from her late father's ex-girlfriend. Brittany was not acquainted with the woman, but her information helped her find her sister's Facebook page.

"I looked her up on Facebook with her new name, and when I saw the first photo that popped up my heart stopped. She had the same big fake eyelashes, little button nose, lots of makeup. We looked so much alike," Brittany recalls.

Source: Amanda Stiles

Brittany texted her sister and talked to her for the first time in 25 years. Their phone call was followed by a long-awaited reunion at which no one could hold back tears.

"That first hug was something I never wanted to let go of and the tears were just endless," Amanda says.

The sisters say that they finally don't feel the emptiness that was always in their hearts. "We are best friends and talk all the time. It’s nice that she’s met all the important people in my life and I, in hers," Amanda adds.

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Watch the touching video of the sisters' reunion:


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